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Both Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon recruit First and Second Officers. Simulator Instructors are employed by Cathay Pacific only. Explore the options below to understand if a career with Cathay Pacific or Cathay Dragon suits you best.

Learn about our flight crew roles at Cathay Pacific

Cadet Programme - No flying experience necessary

What we offer:

  • World-class training at our Flight Training School in Adelaide
  • A 55 week programme starting with ‘Ab-initio’ flight training and on completion of obtaining a Hong Kong Commercial Pilot's Licence (CPL).
  • Training will commence with ground theory and single-engine Ab-initio training through circuits, instrument flying and upset prevention.
  • The MECIR training will be in a DA42, light twin aircraft.
  • Ground theory consists of technical and regulatory theory requirements, Hong Kong ATPL subjects, and flight training procedures.

Specific training on Cathay Pacific’s Boeing or Airbus fleet is conducted in the Cathay Pacific Group Flight Training Centre in Hong Kong.

Pre-qualified Cadet Pilot Programme - For ICAO CPL holders

What we offer:

  • 15 weeks Ground Theory + all EASA Exams
  • 12 hours DA40 Dual Flying  (Includes 3 hours to familiarise them with DA40)
  • 21 hours DA42 Flying
  • 26 hours DA42 Simulator
  • 40hrs PF/40hrs PM FSTD

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Cathay Pacific Cadet Programme Apply Now!

  • Commercial Pilots Licence
  • Multi-Engine Instrument Rating 
  • Passes in all ATPL theory exams
  • Minimum 250 hours 
  • Valid class 1 medical certificate
  • ICAO English language proficiency
  • Experience commensurate with age

Preference given to 500 hours multi-crew operations in transport category aircraft with MTOW > 10 000kg

Second Officers are based in Hong Kong

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  • ATPL or CPL with a MEIR and same state ATPL examinations credits – obtained without exemption or conversion
  • Minimum 1500 hours total time (preferred experience 3000)
  • 500 hours in Command or as a First Officer on civil registered transport aircraft certified for multi-crew operations according to the type certificate and having a MTOW > 45,000 kg
  • Valid Class 1 medical certificate
  • ICAO English Language Proficiency
  • Experience commensurate with age

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Training and Development – what you need to know

The comprehensive and demanding training is conducted at Cathay City, Hong Kong and consists of induction, systems and procedures ground training, full flight simulator sessions and conversion course. Training introduces and/or consolidates jet aircraft operations, multi-crew operations, safety standards, efficient operation, passenger considerations, flight operations disciplines and other operational requirements.

If you have an in-depth aviation pilot training background, a relevant airline check and/or training background, or equivalent military experience, a career with us will give new purpose to your thorough knowledge and experience of aviation by passing it on to the next generation of Cathay Pacific Group’s pilots. Simulator Instructors provide comprehensive training on B747, B777, A320 and A350 full-flight simulators and synthetic flight training devices at our Flight Training Centre in Hong Kong.

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"Cathay Pacific has an extremely professional crew body with a camaraderie that bonds them as a team to maximise the safety of the airline."
Captain Mike Evans,
Chief Pilot (Boeing), Cathay Pacific
"There’s a real sense of community among us, and even though we’re a huge family spread all over the world. Everyone brings a very positive attitude and that doesn’t just make a difference to our customers."
Marcus Cheung,
First Officer, Cathay Pacific
"For me being part of the Cathay Pacific aircrew team is a very rewarding career. Not only do we fly to great worldwide destinations, we can be proud to be part of the best and safest airline in the world."
Andries Filmalter,
Second Officer, Cathay Pacific

Learn about our flight crew roles at Cathay Dragon

You do not need any previous flying experience to join our cadet programme. Apply now for your chance for full sponsorship through one of our world class training centres (L3 Airline Academy or Flight Training Adelaide) and a fast track career to Captain at a premier airline.

Training for Second Officer Entry

  • Cadet Pilots undergo ‘ab-initio’ flying training with the goal of obtaining a Commercial Pilot's Licence (CPL) or Multi-Crew Pilot's Licence (MPL).
  • Both the CPL and MPL courses focus on gaining the foundation flying skills required for any pilot through single-engine aircraft flying, ranging from general handling to instrument flying and circuits to upset prevention, with several hours flown solo.
  • Training for multi-crew procedures and multi-engine aircraft flying is completed in either a light twin-engine aircraft or medium jet simulator to a Commercial Instrument Rating standard. Further medium jet simulator multi-crew and jet aircraft handling training is then completed prior to undergoing type-specific conversion training.
  • Training consists of technical ground school, Hong Kong ATPL subjects, and flight training, and is facilitated by either L3 Airline Academy or Flight Training Adelaide, which are both world-renowned flight training organisations.
  • Type rating training onto Cathay Dragon’s Airbus A320/1 or A330 fleets is conducted in the Cathay Pacific Group Flight Training Centre in Hong Kong, and culminates in Aircraft Base Training for Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department licensing purposes. Line Flying Under Supervision prior to release to line operations is designed with an emphasis on maximum exposure to Cathay Dragon’s varied operating environment.
  • Both the CPL and MPL are fully convertible to an Airline Transport Pilot License after achieving the required minimum flying experience.

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If you hold an ICAO Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL), have over 3,000 hours flying experience in total (including either 500 jet hours or 1,000 multi-engine turbo prop hours in command of a multi crew operation), and are looking to join a premier commercial airline in Hong Kong, apply now to enjoy a dynamic and fast track career to Captain.

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Training & Development – what you need to know

  • Type rating training for Cathay Dragon’s Airbus A320/1 or A330 fleets is conducted in the Cathay Pacific Group Flight Training Centre in Hong Kong.
  • Airbus type-rated pilots complete a short course for either fleet, and non-Airbus type-rated pilots complete a full conversion course.
  • All type rating courses generally culminate in Aircraft Base Training for Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department licensing purposes, and are competency-based and operationally focused.
  • Line Flying Under Supervision training prior to release to line operations is tailored to the new-joining pilot’s experience level, with an emphasis on maximum exposure to Cathay Dragon’s varied operating environment.
  • Further training programmes are provided to assist first officers in developing command skills prior to commencing a command upgrade course.
"A new pilot can expect a long and rewarding career path. We operate in a very dynamic and at times high threat environment. You will not find a more challenging and fascinating role."
Peter Taylor,
Senior Training Captain, Cathay Dragon
"I fell in love with Hong Kong the first time I visited and since joining Cathay Dragon, it has become my second home. It’s a very safe city and everything works perfectly!"
Raffaele Bazzanti,
First Officer, Cathay Dragon
"HK experiences tropical cyclones in summer and these adverse conditions bring an interesting aspect to our contingency plans. We need to manage all potential errors to ensure safety and this added responsibility makes flying incredibly satisfying."
Michael Chow,
First Officer, Cathay Dragon
"No two days are ever the same. One day may be smooth sailing and the next may bring storms, aircraft delays or mechanical failures. Every issue we face keeps us on our toes and makes our job more exciting!"
Luke DeSantis,
First Officer, Cathay Dragon
"Cathay Dragon flies to smaller regional airports that receive less support and it’s exciting because it means a lot of uncertainty and you need to exercise lots of flexibility and great technical skills to manually land the plane."
Loretta Chan,
First Officer, Cathay Dragon
"Cathay Dragon offers quick career progression and plenty of opportunities to fly. With a world-class reputation for safety, the professionalism of the crew is without a doubt one of the best in the world."
Alex Wong,
Captain, Cathay Dragon
Pilot benefits
World-class flying training in Adelaide or New Zealand
A competitive remuneration package
Children’s education allowance available to eligible officers
Bonus and profit share for eligible officers
Company contribution to a pension scheme
Salary tax capped at 15%
Based in a world-class city - Hong Kong
Discounted travel for you and eligible dependents
Medical coverage for you and your dependents

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